My Dog is an Idiot – 10/16/15

My Dog is an Idiot – 10/16/15



The handsome guy with the dark fur in this photo is Sherlock. Sherlock is an idiot.

I took this picture a few months ago when my wife and I realized he was a wiener dog who didn’t know how to burrow. Here, he was attempting to get under the blanket and pushed them all to the edge of the bed. Because he’s an idiot who can’t do the one thing his breed is supposed to do, the thing years of genetics and breeding had prepared him for. He can’t even get instinct right.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s sweet and he’s furry and by and large he’s a “good dog” but he’s dumb. Man, is he dense. We named him “Sherlock” because my kid was big into the new BBC series at the time and it’s become ironic in the best possible way.

You can see the judgement on the face of Max, our much older dog in the background. His face says it all.

“You are dumb. Now I’m cold.”

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