What’s Coming Up?

What’s Coming Up?

Last year I didn’t release a book. I also didn’t finish a book, the first time that hasn’t happened in three years. I haven’t been updating a blog, I haven’t been posting a lot on social media…so, what’s going on?

Truth is I have been busy with writing but it’s been on other projects. I wrote a play for a local theater company. I’ve written a few spec scripts. I’ve written a few short stories that I plan on sharing with you in a bit, so writing has been going on, but this year things got…interesting on the writing front.

I fell out of the writing habit. In previous years my schedule was such that I could count on two or three opportunities a week to write. This year that time evaporated. Work and family life in particular are more demanding so I’ve had to change things up a bit.

I’ve had to write late at night. I’ve had to write for a few minutes in the morning. I’ve had to take lunch hours, for 15 minutes at a time in parking lots, I’ve had to make time where time is no longer there and in doing so, I’ve learned something kind of valuable.

I’m not nearly as good at this as I thought.

Some of my work has been spotty and it hasnt’ come in the quantity it used to. It’s not writer’s block but more a stagnation. So here’s the plan.

I’m going to make 2018 about output, or I’m going to try. Every month I’m going to post a short story on this page. I’m also planning on some weekly stuff about what I’m reading, watching and what not. But, most important, my second novel “Pack” is coming out soon (March is the current plan) and I’m super proud of it so I’ll be talking all about that. The point is, more content is coming.

In the meantime, thanks for being interested in what I do. The fact that I have a “career” in writing amazes me every single day and these past few years have been a dream come true. Thank you, sincerely.



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