Old Movies and New Podcasts

Old Movies and New Podcasts

It occurred to me that I forgot to post a link to my episode of “This is Rad” with Kyle Clark and Matthew Burnside that dropped Wednesday of last week. So here it is!

Click here to listen to me on This Is Rad

A few thoughts on the experience:

-Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles was not what I was expecting in kind of a glorious way. Instead of a packed to the gills comic shop, like I had pictured, Meltdown struck me more as a creative space with spots for local art and a small show room in the back as seen on TV in a bunch of places. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see a show there because I bet it would be great.

-The way the show works is people pick something they are passionate about to discuss for, basically, as long as they want to. I had sent him a few ideas and he landed on Vincent Price immediately. I’ve been a fan of b-movies for years and always found Vincent Price to be a singular screen presence and the most interesting of his horror movie brethren. I wish I’d said anything as articulate during the podcast.

-Still being relatively new to podcasting (give The Atomic Weight of Cheese a listen! We have fun) it takes me a bit to get into it. As you can hear. I’m hoping to get better about it in the future.

-That being said it’s so much fun when you meet someone who likes to talk that you have a lot in common with and that was me with both the hosts of this show. Of the two and a half hours we recorded, we hung out for easily another hour before and after the recording and I had a great time.

-If you’re interested in the FantasticLand stuff, it’s toward the last third of the podcast. I cannot thank Kyle Clark enough for his championing of FantasticLand and for inviting me on.

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