Cover Me!

Cover Me!


Not to be all “awe schucks” on you, but HOW FREAKIN COOL IS THIS!?

Of course, this is the final cover to “FantasticLand” my debut novel. They’ve moved the date around a bit from October 4 to October 11, which is when the book becomes available. You can preorder it on amazon here.

When my editor (the wonderful Alexandra Hess) started talking to me about the cover, she sent me a bunch of covers from pulp novels. These were the kind that I would stare at for a long time in book stores as a kid, trying to imagine the gruesome content inside and I instantly agreed with her assessment. I wanted a pulp cover and I think we got pretty damn close.

Also, thanks to Zack Handlen, Rob Hart (who’s “New Yorked” I’m currently reading and enjoying) and Scott Seeke for the blurbs.

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