A Couple of Blurbs

A Couple of Blurbs


“FantasticLand” has gotten a few very nice blurbs recently I want to share these far and wide with the caveat that it makes me feel weird that people are reading and liking my work. Cool, but weird. Here are the blurbs so far.

“Fantasticland is one wild ride! Disaster and isolation ratchet up the tension, and a theme park descends into mayhem that is both engaging and thrilling. Put your hands up and plunge in!”  –Scott Seeke, author of “Get Low”

“In clear, conversational prose, Fantasticland creates its world–and than carefully, horribly dismantles it. Mike Bockoven has made something at once merciless, terrifying, and curiously humane; but you should probably not go there after dark.” -Zach Handlen, Onion AV Club

Utterly horrifying and impossible to put down—for a dozen reasons, but most of all, for how plausible the whole thing feels. Do not read this book after eating.  -Rob Hart, author of “New Yorked” and “City of Rose”.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has blurbed the book so far. I’ll post some more when they come in.

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