What’choo Reading? – The Girl With All The Gifts

What’choo Reading? – The Girl With All The Gifts

The problem with the “star” rating system on Amazon is it’s pretty easy to give something four or five stars. “The Girl With All The Gifts” is a five star book, through and through, from the set up to the characters to the gore to the subtext to the ending that has more guts than anything I’ve read in a while. It’s an A+ concept, executed flawlessly with enough depth to stick to your ribs a while after you’ve finished it up.

Quickly, “The Girl With All The Gifts” is about a spore that infects people and turns them into zombies with the exception of a few children who are rounded up and put in a classroom. When the camp housing the classroom falls, a zombie child named Melanie travels with her teacher, two military men and a scientist keen on cutting her up to discover what makes her tick into the wasteland to find out where she belongs.

I’m a fan of when high art and low art get together and this is a delicious paring of lofty “nature of humanity” kind of thoughts with ooey gooey zombie stuff. It’s splendid.

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