I live in Grand Island, Nebraska and in 1980 something happened here that was unprecedented. Seven tornadoes touched down in one night, some actually spinning in opposite directions, which nearly never happens. Five people were killed and half the town was leveled.

I didn’t live here at that time, but it’s an easy thing to forget about, which is why I took the above photo. It’s from that night in 1980 and the tornadoes blew a large chunk of wood into a tire. This was up at Jack’s Tires here in town.

Honestly, I was having a lousy week when I took this photo. My tire had popped and my cheap ass jack folded in on itself so I had to get towed to get it fixed. I was in a lousy mood and texted my wife this photo. She texted back “See? Things could be worse.” Yep. She’s right.

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