So Much For Consistency

So Much For Consistency


That whole “consistency” thing kind of crashed and burned, didn’t it?

I have excuses. Since December my editor and I have done another pass on my first book, “FantasticLand” which is coming out in October. I’ve seen the cover art and will share it as soon as I can. I finished a second novel, tentatively titled “Pack” that I’m editing and running through my group of friends. I did Christmas. I redid the floor in my living room, got snowed in for three days, went to a bunch of holiday parties. I did stuff, you know? But I didn’t blog.

But I did write. I wrote a lot, actually, knocking off my second 100,000+ word novel and laying the groundwork for a third. I’m in that situation where work on the first book is going sort of slowly (which is totally normal and understandable) and so I dumped some time and energy into the follow up, and I”m glad I did. I’ve now written two books and if I get paid for the second one, which remains to be seen, then I’m an author who has sold two books. That has a nice ring to it. I’m also at a point where I have ideas circling, ready to land. There are so many books I want to write.

But, I didn’t blog.

But I will. Consistency is the goal and being a better writer is the outcome, so I’m told. In the meantime, here are a couple of random book related items, if you’re interested.

-We are working on the cover and the first real hard edit of “FantasticLand” now. The first, sort of soft edit, included some additions that I ended up embracing and liking quite a bit.

-The cover is good in that it would make me pick up the book if I saw it in a display case somewhere. The minute I get to share it, I will.

-I’ve been reading a bunch as well. Over the holiday break I fell in love with Joe Hill (who hasn’t) and knocked out some smaller pulp sort of novels that I’ll talk about later.

-I also finished up some audio books and have some great, big, sloppy ideas for the future.

-Finally, I’m sort of getting antsy, you know? I can’t wait to get “FantasticLand” out there and see how it’s received. I’ve of the opinion that if the reviews are bad but people like the concept, I’m OK with that. I think I had a good idea and whether I executed that is up in the air, but I’m sort of getting antsy for some sort of reaction one way or another.

Also, I’ve got a list of recommendations as long as my arm and my dog continues to be a giant idiot, so there is content out there and I’ll be writing more soon.

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