Recommendation – Great Jones Street

Recommendation – Great Jones Street


Publishing a book has changed my reading habits drastically.

Like a lot of you, I endeavored to read “a lot” and even went so far as to catalogue my book consumption and join Goodreads to provide feeback on what I’ve read. But toward the middle of the year things would get busy and drop off. Enter this whole “publishing a book” thing.

Suddenly reading is part of the job and I’ve found myself loving it. I’m diving into fiction in ways I never had before and I’ve found treasure troves and amazingly beautiful moments from authors I’d never heard of before. It’s been fun to explore and discover and it’s one of those discoveries I want to point you toward.

The Great Jones Street app is available on Apple and Google Play and features a short story a day. They range in genre and, frankly, they range in quality but it’s awesome to have 20 minutes of reading, new every day on my phone whenever I feel like it. If you haven’t ever given short fiction the time of day I would encourage you to do so. Personally, I love the feeling of diving into something and having no idea where I’m going to end up.

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