How’d The Audiobook Work Out?

How’d The Audiobook Work Out?

Today I finished listening to all 10+ hours of the FantasticLand audio book. Assorted thoughts below:

-I paid $8 for the book on Audible. That’s a steal. Not to toot my own horn (but to definitely toot the horn of the people who produced the audiobook), but there’s about a million worse ways to spend your entertainment dollar than on an $8 audio book. Maybe this comes from the kid who bought all 22 audiotapes of “Wizards and Glass” for over $50 a few years back, but the price is pretty great.

-Something seemed arrogant about listening to my own book on audio. I acknowledge this and we should move on.

-Any worry I had about the voice actors reading the book were dispelled early. Read by Angela Dawe and Luke Daniels, they both do wonders with some of my less developed characters and really sink their teeth into the better written chapters. Their voices are distinctive, their delivery is conversational and they did an awesome job. At one point, Dawe seemed to cry at the end of one of the chapters and we had a fun Twitter conversation about it.

-I realized that, almost without noticing it, I created a near equal number of male and female parts in FantasticLand. This was not planned out before hand and just “worked out”. Hooray for accidental gender equality.

-As the author of the book, I probably have a clearer picture of who I expect these characters to be and, of course, the audiobook is a little different in places. Some of the chapters, I swear, lined up with what I intended to a scary degree and others didn’t, but as artists I completely respect and applaud the places Dawe and Daniels went.

-Nothing makes you hyper aware of plot holes and poorly written passages like listening to your own audiobook.

-I need to listen to more audiobooks in general. As it stands I’m a podcast man, with my feed always jammed with stuff I want to listen to but I loved the experience of listening to an audiobook and will try to do it more. Any reccomendations are welcome.

-I hope this happens to my next book. I really do.

You can find the audiobook for FantasticLand on 

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