Bad Ass Fan Art

Bad Ass Fan Art

I’m one lucky dude.

In the past month I’ve received two absolutely awesome pieces of fan art for my first novel, Fantasticland. The image above of the Warthogs is from artist John X Bergin who you can find on Instagram @johnxbergin and on Twitter @jbxx. I am currently in the process of getting this framed and put up in my office.

Second up from a few days ago is this amazing skateboard designe by Chris Doebler. I love the stanchion as the main art element. Plus the kind word on the book are nice.

I can’t tell you how cool it is to have my art inspire folks who are far more talented than I am. I count myself as lucky to see this stuff, much less inspire it.

I may have some news on a third novel coming shortly so keep in touch. I apprecite it.


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