A Month Out

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A Month Out

We are a little more than a month out from my second novel hitting the shelves.

That phrase makes me sincerely happy but it also means the next little bit is going to be crazy in the best of ways. I’ve got a few signings and such brewing and I’ll be writing about those when they come up but until then I wanted to share a couple things about “Pack,” which I’m hoping you’ll dig.

-First and foremost, if you haven’t heard about “Pack,” here’s the jacket copy:

Cherry, Nebraska, population 312, is just off the highway between the sticks and the boonies. It’s where Dave Rhodes and his friends have lived all their lives. They own businesses, raise families, pay taxes, deal with odd neighbors, and, once or twice a month—just like their fathers before them—transform into wolves.

It’s not a bad life, but when one of the group members goes astray, it sets in motion a series of events that will threaten to destroy the delicate balance that has kept Dave and his clan off the radar. Between a son getting ready for his first transformation—called The Scratch—a wife with sordid secrets, a new sheriff who knows nothing of the creatures in his midst, and a mysterious man in a bow tie with a shady agenda, the middle of nowhere is about to get very dangerous.

The book is definitely a departure and while I love FantasticLand I’m not hiding behind a gimmick in this one. It’s sincere and bloody and hopefully invokes Fargo by way of early John Carpenter by way of a violent animal attack.

The book is available for preorder on Amazon. If you haven’t preordered it yet and are planning to, please do that soon. Amazon and other book sellers weigh preorders quite a bit and the more preorders the more bookstores order. It’s super appreciated.

-When you read the book (you’re awesome!) please leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon. Again, exposure is so important for a book like this and if you leave a review both sites increase the possibility of others seeing it. Even if you weren’t thrilled with it, a three star review is better than none at all. Again, super appreciated.

-The audio book is coming out on Tuesday, July 3rd, just like the print edition. You can head to audible.com if you’re an audiobook person. FantasticLand received a ton of audiobook interest which made me happy and it’s an increasingly viable avenue. You can’t preorder that now but I’ll have more about that later.

-If you’re not an online type person it will be available at Barnes and Noble stores across the country. If you see it in a store and want to shoot me a photo, I’d love that to death. Post it on my page at facebook.com/Bockovenbooks or email it to me at mike_bockoven at yahoo.com (sorry, my blog’s software is being a butt and not letting me post the email. You can figure it out).

-Finally, if you’re interested in a signed copy, head to my Facebook page or shoot me an email and I’ll get you the relevant info.

I appreciate everyone’s support more than I can say and I will give more updates as we get closer.

We’’re a month away, friends. Thank you for making it possible.



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